visit our new site!

i got the guts to buy a domain. about time, yah? and finally, bigger pictures! our new site is up and running. take a look and let me know what you think. for those who have been with me for a while, THANK YOU! big hugs. hope you enjoy the new one too!

food photo session at birks with exec chef maurice

sunday, i was invited to spend an evening with executive chef maurice dissels at birk’s restaurant for a food foto opp and tasting. the guy is amazing! the food is fantastic. the wine was PERFECT. and the girls in the group are incredible. food. drinks. great company. and a shot to shoot food? what more do i need? :) thanks for a great time!


heeerree’s TITO! again.

i LOVE this DOGGIE! he knows he’s cute. that’s what makes him so fun. :) while we were there, tito met up with some frenz!

kumo and moey’s parents: view more photos! (my apologies if i misspelled their names!!)

hola b.bee

hanging out in the summer time. with luv. <3

after our mini photo shoot, we went to EAT. food at joya was DEE-LISH!

the july shyla story

being a baby paparrazi is fun. :) here’s a bit of shyla at 4 weeks. here’s a bit more in the login page. enjoy!

the liv story

i loooove photo sessions with mini-me #3! that’s cuz we always get to go EAT in kick a&* places.

#3 and #4: login to view more photos!

carmel in june


mini timelapse of a hillside by the house

it also looks like i kept zooming in as the night grew. guess i wanted to get closer to the moon.

cute graffiti on a basketball court bench

:) i just thought this was hecka cute.

mas sushi!

i love me suuuuuussssshhhhheeeee! <3 :)


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